– What Is Spray Foam Insulation Made Of?

Spray Foam is an organic material developed from products of the petrochemical industry. It is a two component system that is sprayed like paint. The chemical constituents are similar to those used in the manufacturer of many products already in your home, such as upholstery foam and the foam used for pillows and mattresses—although the properties of the foam are different.


– Is SPF a good insulator?

One of the best! It has a R factor of approximately R-6.5 per inch.


– Is it expensive?

No, it is competitively priced with other commercial roofing systems. Heating and cooling costs drop an average of 30%.


– How long does Spray Foam Insulation last?

Spray Foam Insulation will last the life of the house.


– Can homeowners install Spray Foam Insulation themselves?

Unless the homeowner is wiling to make a large investment in the equipment and become properly trained and certified, it is not feasible for the homeowner to install spray foam insulation. However, there are a few companies that provide small kits to spray foam in small areas, however the cost to purchase these kits can be almost three times as much compared to hiring a professional.


– How is the insulation installed?

Spray foam insulation is sprayed into the wall cavity in between the wooden studs with specialized equipment. The foam is sprayed on as a liquid, but within 2 to 10 seconds, the liquid will turn to foam and expand up to 100 times it’s original size filling every nook and cranny, sealing all gaps and permanently adhering to the stud cavity.


– Does SPF absorb water like a sponge?

Properly applied SPF is a completely closed cell material and will not absorb water.


– Does the Foam Change Physically Over Time?

No, it is inert. Its physical and insulating properties are constant.


– Any Worries Environmentally?

No, the product is environmentally safe.


– Is this product safe for people with allergies?

Yes, this is because the Efficient Foam Insulation is completely contained and stationary after it is applied to the surfaces-there is nothing floating through the air to be an irritant for sensitive people.


– Can you walk on spray foam roofing foam?

Yes, SPF used for roofing has a compression strength of approximately 45 pounds per square inch.


– What is the service temperature range?

From very cold (-100 F) to very hot (+225 F).


– Does Spray Foam Insulation Have Building Code Approvals

Yes! Foam has approval of all four major building codes in the United States and the Canadian building code. In fact, it is one of the most extensively tested insulation products ever. Concern in the 1970’s over the excessive off-gassing of an early foam product called urea formaldehyde, and related concerns in subsequent years over the health effects of other insulating products, specifically asbestos and fiberglass, have resulted in some of the most thorough and sensitive emissions testing of a new building product to date. Based upon the results of this stringent testing, Spray Foam met the requirements of the building codes and subsequent re-certifications as required on a periodic basis.